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CNBM is outstanding in offering customized turnkey solutions for AAC block plants with cost-effective AAC block making machines.

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Our Solutions

Based on the unique production technology system and strong technical support by the design and engineering team, CNBM can offer cost-effective solutions to meet the customers’ demands. No matter a turn-key solution or just some upgrading work, or just process technique consulting, you can count on us. CNBM always goes after boosting the business for the clients. The talented personnel will guide you through all steps for building a highly efficient, productive, and low-consumption AAC plant. As a result, it levels up the manufacturing of AAC blocks or AAC panels that ultimately at high yield returns.

Factory cost analysis and feasibility of investment

Product chemical formula advisory

Raw material and cost control

AAC block/panel plant layout and construction

AAC block/panel making machine selection and manufacturing

Management of production and logistics

On-site guidance on project construction

Staff training and trial operation

After-sale services

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AAC Block Plant

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Advantages of AAC block plant from CNBM

Advanced machinery

Top-class AAC block making machines can produce top-class AAC blocks which benefit customers.

Low cost

CNBM AAC block plant lowers the expense of raw materials and key equipment such as autoclaves.

Easy operation

The AAC plant designed by CNBM is easy to operate and maintain.

Less maintenance

The aac block machines are durable due to their premium quality and downtime is reduced.

Highly customized

Customized solutions are offered to meet the specific demand of local customers.

Highly automated

The AAC block plant is running highly automatically with high efficiency and high accuracy.

About us

CNBM is a technology-based enterprise with the strongest scientific research strength in the field of building materials and inorganic non-metallic new materials in China. It has 38,000 scientific R&D and engineering technicians, 26 national institutions of scientific research and design, 21,000 effective patents, 55 national and industry quality inspection centers and the most authoritative inspection and certification institutions in the industry, 11 national key laboratories and engineering (technology) research centers, 19 national standard committees, 7 first prizes for national scientific and technological progress, 4 China Industry Award.

CNBM engaged in autoclaved aerated concrete equipment as a branch of the building material equipment export business. The company started manufacturing AAC block plant in 1980. For the development of AAC block plant manufacturing, CNBM has set up 2 scientific research institutes, 1 center, and 2 trade associations, owing 18 engineers, 350 technical workers, and 117 precision machine tools and advanced testing machines. Over the last 20 years, CNBM never stops seeking breakthroughs and innovations for engineering technical services. Our turnkey solutions for the AAC block plant and AAC panel plant have met the market demand for South Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, etc. regions all over the world.

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China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd.( CNBM) is one of the top 500 global fortunes in the world. It has built up a reputation for a broad range of business and cutting-edge technology. CNBM is the world’s largest manufacturer of building materials and a premier developer and provider of integrated services for novel materials.

What makes us different?

Advanced unique technology

The unique production technology of aerated concrete is the only processing system in the industry worldwide named after Chinese companies. It is also one of the world-class representative technologies that have some advantages over other production technologies in Germany and Sweden.

Flexible production capacity

At CNBM, it can be a mini aac block plant, a medium size aac block plant, or a large size aac block plant. The scale of the production line depends on the requirements of output by clients. We can design and manufacture an AAC block plant with a capacity ranging from 30,000 cubic meters to 600,000 cubic meters. If you have special needs on capacity, contact us.

Strong science and R&D capability

For the support of AAC plant solution, CNBM has two research institutes—Hangzhou Mechanical and Electrical Institute and Xi’an Institute. The institution integrates R&D design, equipment manufacturing, complete sets of equipment, technical services, and EPC projects. The comprehensive services include testing, research, equipment development, technical services, engineering design, complete sets of equipment for the EPC project, etc.

Top design & engineering team

Our company’s design team is scientifically and technologically targeted and specializes in the research and development of aerated concrete technology, process design, production line automation systems, and manufacture of all related equipment.

Innovated patents

An enterprise’s own intellectual property rights are the embodiment of core competitiveness and a solid foundation for technological innovation and development. Until now, CNBM has 6 national invention patents, and several utility model patents on AAC block manufacturing.

Tailor-made service

CNBM values communication with clients to offer better services from the very beginning of the analysis of investment feasibility to the management and maintenance of the project. The expertise guide clients in the raw material formula, piece of machine selection, plant design, plant building, plant operation, and staff training.

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300.000 m3/year AAC plant in Malaysia

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200.000 m3/year AAC plant in Indonesia

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AAC block making machines


AAC Block Manufacturing plant process

Raw material preparation

Dosing & mixing

Casting rising and curing

demolding &cutting


Out of autoclave

Why Invest In AAC Block Plant?

AAC blocks are in high demand in regions and countries with rapid urbanization, ongoing infrastructure development, extreme climate conditions, and policies promoting sustainable building materials. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. are the top 5 largest markets of AAC blocks. China and India are the top two largest consumers of AAC blocks. The prospect is promising especially since there is a supply-demand vacancy in India.

market tendency of autoclaved aerated concrete

About AAC

What is AAC? Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a lightweight, precast, foam concrete building material that is composed of cement, lime, sand, and aluminum powder. AAC blocks and AAC panels are all made from AAC.

Application of AAC block/panel

AAC is a popular building material for both residential and commercial construction because of its thermal insulation, fire resistance, and soundproofing properties. AAC blocks and panels can be used in various parts of a building, including walls, floors, roofs, cladding, and partition walls.