100,000 M3/Year AAC Block Factory Layout

What is an AAC block factory?

Autoclaved aerated concrete is a lightweight and porous new building material with the advantages of lightweight, good heat preservation, processability, and non-combustibility. It can be made into blocks, panels, and insulation products of different specifications. An AAC block factory, usually referred to as an AAC block plant, is a factory that manufactures autoclaved aerated concrete blocks by using a production line equipped with AAC block machines and necessary production technology.

The finished product from the AAC block factory is widely used in load-bearing, enclosure, and filling of industrial and civil buildings. It has received widespread attention from all over the world and has become the preferred building material for vigorous promotion and development in the construction industry.

The manufacturing process of the AAC block factory

The key raw materials for making AAC blocks can be fly ash, sand, or slag. The type and quality of the raw material require different AAC block machines and production processes. Generally speaking, the fly ash or sand added with water is made into a slurry with lime powder, cement, gypsum, and aluminum powder as foaming agents. The slurry will be poured into square molds for pre-curing. Then the half-finished block is demold and cut by cutting machines. These cut blocks are then delivered into autoclaves and become lightweight AAC blocks with numerous air holes. The production line follows the process below:

(1)Various raw material storage silo → (2) Measuring and batching → (3) Mixing and stirring of raw materials with water → (4) Mold preparation → (5) Pouring → (6) Gas generation and static stop → (7) Demolding → (8) Overturning, horizontal cutting, vertical cutting → (9) Grouped into the autoclaves → (10) High temperature and high-pressure curing → (11) Finished product out of the autoclave→ (12) Inspection of the finished product → (13) Packaging → (14) Palletizing and storage → (15) Delivery

production process for aac block factory

Key equipment in AAC block plant

The AAC factory production line mainly includes raw material processing equipment, batching system, pouring equipment, curing room, cutting equipment, autoclaves, finished product out-of-autoclave equipment, dust removal section equipment, electrical equipment, and other related equipment.

Jaw crusher: A jaw crusher is used for crushing the lime block.

Ball mill: The ball mill is used for grinding the crushed lime into fine powders.

Crane hoist and mold: Crane hoist and mold are necessary auxiliary equipment in AAC plants that can be recycled and put into use. The crane is matched with the double-beam and double-hook crane and is used for demolding and lifting the green cake.

Pouring mixer: The fixed or movable pouring mixer is used for slurry mixing and pouring.

Cutting machine: One-time six-sided cutting, no second hoist, to avoid the damage to green cake caused by multiple hoisting.

Curing car: The curing car works together with a side plate and a bottom plate.

jaw crusher for aac block factory
Jaw Crusher
ball mill in aac block factory
Ball Mill
crane and mold in aac factory
Crane and Mold
pouring mixer in aac factory
Pouring Mixer
cutting machine in aac factory
Cutting Machine
curing car in aac factory
Curing Car

100,000 m3 /year AAC factory layout

The production capacity of the AAC block factory can range from 30,000 m3 to 600,000 m3 per year. Generally, an AAC block factory with an annual capacity below 100,000 m3 is a small plant. The medium scale of the AAC factory ranges from 100,000 m3 to 300,000 m3 per year. A large-scale AAC block plant is one that annually produces more than 300,000 m3.

The 100,000 m3/year AAC block factory is suitable for a small production scale and the cost is comparatively low. The output is about 800-1200 m3 for 8 hours per day. AAC factories of this scale have advantages such as easy quality control, low risk of investment, simple flow of manufacturing process, etc.

Here is a layout of the 100,000 m3 AAC block factory for reference.

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aac block factory with 100000 m3 capacity per year
Mixer4.2 m31
Pouring mixer4.2 m31
Side plate3.95m×1.25m30
Bottom plate4.10m×1.44m100
Double hook craneQ=5T1
Single hook craneQ=5T1
Lifting deviceSpecified2
Column supportSpecified200
Bucket elevatorD2501
Ball millφ1200×4500mm1
Steam boiler8t/h 1.6mpa1
Movable hoisting3T6
Cutting machine4.2×1.2×0.6m1
Aluminum powder mixer0.04m31
Hopper loading carSpecified1
Storage tank20m32
Slurry tank6m31
Storage silo60m32
Jaw crusher250×4001
Measuring tank2m32

Please note that the layout for the AAC block factory may be different depending on specific project requirements. CNBM has completed more than a hundred cases for clients from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, the United States, New Zealand, Ukraine, etc.

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