AAC Block Making Machine For Sale

tilting crane for aac block demolding

Brand: CNUE (a subsidiary of CNBM)

Machine condition: New only

Application: Autoclave concrete block production

Production capacity: 30,000 CM-600,000 CM

Automation grade: Automatic

Block type: AAC

Block length: 600 & other size

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AAC Block Machine advantages

More and more AAC plants are being built to meet the rising demands of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. When setting up an AAC block manufacturing plant, dozens of AAC block making machines are equipped to complete the production. The main AAC block machines are a jaw crusher, belt conveyor, ball mill, storage silo, slurry storage tank, slurry mixing tank, batching and pouring mixer, mold, ferry cart, tilting crane, cutting machine, tilting table, curring car, autoclave, separator, packing machine, etc. This equipment together with other auxiliary machinery form an AAC production line.

CNBM is dedicated to offering AAC block making machines that adopt the latest technology. The AAC block making machines have the following advantages.

Stable operation

All AAC block machines are produced with advanced technology. The structure is compact. The operation is stable.

Long lifespan

The machines have sturdy components and little wear. The service life is longer.

Various models

The machines have various models to meet the production needs of different capacities and block dimensions.

Less maintenance

The operation is simple, and the maintenance is convenient.


Less up-front investment and super low expense of late run and operation maintenance.

Wide applicability

The AAC block making machine can also produce ALC panels. Various specifications of products can be produced.

AAC block plant manufacturing section

Raw material processing

Jaw Crusher

Bucket elevator

Ball mill

Dosing, Mixing, Pouring

Slurry Tank

Pouring Mixer



Ferry Cart

Demolding & Cutting

Tilting Crane

Cutting Machine

Tilting Table


Curing Car


Separating & packing


Packing Machine

AAC block machines For Sale


Jaw Crusher

A jaw crusher is important in the raw material processing process. It is mainly used for crushing massive materials, such as quicklime, gypsum, etc., which must be crushed to achieve the feed particle size of the ball mill for grinding, to ensure that the lime powder fineness output.

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Ball mill

It is used for grinding raw materials such as lime, gypsum, sand, slag, and so on. Only after the materials have been ground and reached the required fineness can they be fully mixed and interacted with. Grinding is an important procedure in the production of aerated bricks. The grinding process consumes a lot of electricity.

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Slurry tank

The slurry tank is used to mix and store the slurry for the pouring process. The slurry storage tank has various volume specifications such as 5 cubic meters, 10 cubic meters, 20 cubic meters, 30 cubic meters, 50 cubic meters, and 100 cubic meters. Other specifications can be customized according to the production scale of users.

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Pouring mixer

In the production of AAC blocks, the pouring mixer plays the role of mixing and pouring raw materials. After the various materials for production are processed and proportioned, they can be sent to the mixing and pouring machine. The mixing and pouring machine plays a key role in the quality of the produced aerated bricks. Because it can well control the stirring intensity and time in the tank so that the mixed raw materials have good performance, which is conducive to the production of high-quality AAC blocks.

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AAC block mold together with a dismountable side plate forms a container for holding the poured slurry in the AAC block manufacturing plant. The slurry will be cured in the mold to form the “green cake”. The “green cake” will be removed from the mold for cutting and autoclaving to produce the finished product “aac blocks”.

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Ferry Cart

The empty mold is moved and put below the pouring mixer with the aid of the ferry cart. After pouring, a ferry cart is used to transport the mold containing the “green cake” to the curing room. The cutting machine is then used to receive it. It holds the incomplete blocks after cutting, which are arranged in groups for autoclaving. Finally, it removes the AAC blocks from the autoclaves so they may be packed.

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Tilting crane

It is used to remove the “green cake” from the mold following the pre-curing procedure. The CNBM tilting crane has a maximum speed limit. Both the rate of the finished product and the damage to the “green cake” can be decreased.

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cutting machine for aac production line

Cutting machine

The AAC block cutting machine can cut the pre-cured concrete blocks into the desired sizes. Our company’s cutting machine has a balanced and precise functioning state. The highest speed can cut a mold in 4 minutes, and the cutting accuracy can reach 1mm.

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Tilting table

It is mostly used to remove the cake’s bottom waste material. The cut cake is rotated 90 degrees from the side plate and set on a special bottom plate for steaming. It allows the block to be steamed in an upright position and removes the upper and lower layers of waste adhered to the surface of the cake after cutting.

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Steam curing car

It is a particular type of cart that can carry the side plate and the unfinished “green cake” into and out of the autoclaves. It is capable of adapting to the autoclave’s high temperature and high-pressure steam curing environment. Additionally, it won’t stick or change shape.

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The most crucial piece of machinery is an autoclave for AAC blocks. The cut cake achieves high strength and outstanding performance after being steamed in the autoclave at a high temperature and high pressure. The primary purpose of autoclaves is to complete the CaO+SiO2+H2O hot water reaction and harden the sliced cake into a porous structure. The three parts of the procedure are heating, maintaining a steady temperature, and cooling.

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The AAC block separator, also known as an AC panel separator, is used in the AC block plant after the blocks have been removed from the autoclave. It is required because of the stickiness that the autoclaving of the blocks has caused between them. Viscosity-related waste and damaged goods can be eliminated.

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Packing machine

After the blocks have been removed from the autoclaves, the AAC block manufacturing process ends with packing. The hoist machine, stacking machine, and chain conveyors are a few of the pieces of machinery that make up the AAC block packing system. The main piece of equipment in charge of completing the packing is the packing machine. Two popular types of packing machines utilized in the AAC block packing system are film wrapping type and strapping type packing machines.

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