300,000 M3/Year AAC Block Factory Cost

How much does an AAC block machine cost? What is the price of the AAC block factory? For customers looking to purchase an AAC(autoclaved aerated concrete) block line, these are probably the first questions that come to mind. Many factors affect the price of AAC block making equipment, such as equipment selection, production capacity, automation degree, etc. The price of a set of AAC block production lines ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions.

AAC block manufacturing plant has various annual output such as 30,000 m3, 50,000 m3, 100,000 m3, 150,000 m3, 200,000 m3, 300,000 m3, 400,000 m3, 500,000 m3, 600,000 m3, etc. The larger the capacity, the higher the cost. Today, we will discuss the cost of the AAC block factory with an annual output of 300,000 m3. Production lines with this capacity are the most common in most AAC block plants.

AAC block machine cost in 300,000 m3/year production line

AAC block machines are the general name for all types of equipment used in the production process of AAC blocks. The AAC block machine in a 300,000 m3/year production line is listed in the table below. The total cost for the aac block machines is about 3,600,000 yuan. There is also some other expense which we will be discussing next.

No.EquipmentQuantityPrice (yuan RMB)
Raw material processing
Jaw crusher1320,000
Ball mill1
Bucket elevator2
Belt conveyor 
Storage silo 
 22*26m Autoclaves51,400,000
30m3 storage tank3320,000
Electronic scale2
Horizontal conveyor feeder3
  4Pouring mixer158,000
6Side plate, bottom plate102601,800
7Curring car42252,000
 8Cutting machine1380,000
9Crane hoist2108,000
 10Traveling crane2220,000
 11Ferry cart3290,000
Slurry pump5
Fly ash Beating machine2
Pulp beater1
Waste mixer2
 12Process pipe, rails, auxiliary material 250,000
a list of aac machines for 300,000 m3/year production

It may look a little bit complex for new investors. We can start by learning some of the key equipment and knowing the AAC block making process will help you get a better understanding.

The raw materials are really simple and easy to get. You just need to choose one from the fly ash, sand, or tailings as the main material. You will also need cement, gypsum, and lime block to mix with the main material slurry. The chemical reaction happens between siliceous materials  (Fly ash / Sand /Tailings containing silicon) and calcareous material (Lime block + cement + gypsum). After several processing steps, the blocks can be produced.

The manufacturing process

Raw material processing→ Dosing and mixing→  Pouring and pre-curing→  Demoulding→  Cutting→  Autoclave curing

aac block factory production process
complete process for the manufacturing of aac blocks

The main equipment

Key equipment in raw material processing: Jaw crusher, ball mill, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, storage silo.

Key equipment in dosing and mixing: storage tank, electronic scale, horizontal conveyor feeder.

Key equipment in pouring and pre-curing: pouring mixer, mold, ferry cart

Key equipment in demolding: tilting crane

Key equipment in cutting: horizontal cutting machine, vertical cutting machine, tilting table

Key equipment in autoclaving: autoclaves, curing car

Other costs of the 300,000 m3/year AAC block factory

Except for the cost of AAC block machines, there are also other related equipment and engineering fees.

aac block factory construction
  • Dust removal system

The cost for the dust removal system is about 165,000 yuan which includes 25,000 yuan for the wastewater recycling system and 140,000 yuan for the dust removal system. 

Hvac equipment

It costs about 280,000 yuan for the cylinder, valve, vacuum pump, pipeline and installation, and 4 tons of gas steam boiler.

  • Dynamical system

air compressor and compressed air valves, pipelines, etc. for the dynamical system cost about 15,000 yuan.

  • Plumbing work

The plumbing work includes water supply and drainage pipes, and valves. The price for this is about 80,000 yuan.

  • Power distribution and electrical control

Transformers, distribution cabinets, control cabinets, wire and cable materials, etc. cost 800,000 yuan

  • Equipment transportation and installation

The fees for equipment transportation and installation are estimated to be 350,000 yuan.

300,000 cubic meter per year aac factory cost


In conclusion, the cost of setting up an AAC block factory with an annual output of 300,000m3 is about 5,500,000 yuan. Please note the costs for land purchasing, plant construction, labor, etc. are not included.

The cost may vary depending on the arrangement, even though the AAC plant has the same capacity. Please note that the statistics above are simply estimates. The precise planning situation will determine the cost. If you’re interested in putting up an AAC block plant, get in touch with us right away. Your price for the AAC block factory will be more accurate thanks to the engineering staff of CNBM. If you plan to build a plant with other capacity, contact us and the layout and configuration will be designed based on your specific production demands.