World Leading AAC Block Machine Manufacturers Overview

Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks have seen a substantial increase in demand globally in recent years. AAC is a precast, lightweight building material renowned for its superior thermal insulation capabilities, high level of durability, and simplicity of installation. It is a popular option for residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects since it has benefits including energy efficiency, fire protection, and sound insulation.

To meet the growing demands for AAC products, AAC block machine manufacturers around the world have been working on making progress to provide better products and services. Let’s have a view at several famous companies that manufacture AAC block machines and provide EPC solutions. If you are looking for a reliable supplier, it is the right article for you.


Masa Group (Germany): Masa Group is a well-known global manufacturer of AAC block machines. They have been in business for more than 110 years and are renowned for their cutting-edge technologies and excellent results. Masa provides a wide selection of AAC manufacturing equipment and facilities to meet a range of production needs.


The German Hess Group: AAC block machines are made by Hess Group, a reputable manufacturer of concrete block production machinery. Hess Group is known for its innovative solutions, dependability, and efficiency despite having more than 70 years of experience. They offer cutting-edge technology and customization options for the production of AAC blocks and offer a comprehensive selection of machinery.

Wehrhahn logo

German company Wehrhahn GmbH: A well-known manufacturer of AAC block plants and machines, Wehrhahn GmbH is well-known for its expertise and cutting-edge technology in the AAC sector. The company has been around for more than a century. They offer machinery, automation systems, and engineering services as well as complete AAC production solutions.

Topwerk logo

Topwerk Group (Germany): Topwerk Group is a leading supplier of concrete products industry machines and plants, including AAC block machines. They provide a diverse selection of AAC production equipment that is noted for its precision and productivity. Topwerk Group focuses on creative solutions, sustainability, and process efficiency.


Aircrete Europe BV (Netherlands): Aircrete Europe specializes in AAC production technology and offers turnkey AAC block manufacturing solutions. They place a major emphasis on innovation and sustainability, and they provide innovative machinery and experience. The solutions provided by Aircrete Europe are distinguished for their efficiency, quality, and environmental friendliness.

Columbia logo

The United States’ Columbia Machine Engineering is a leader in the production of AAC block machines and other concrete products worldwide. AAC manufacturing solutions are available from Columbia Machine, a company with roots reaching back to 1937, featuring adaptable and configurable equipment noted for its dependability and toughness.

Laxmi logo

Indian company Laxmi En-Fab Pvt. Ltd.: Laxmi En-Fab is a reputable Indian company that produces AAC block factories and equipment. They are well-known in the AAC sector for their high-quality products and first-rate customer support. The equipment produced by Laxmi En-Fab is renowned for its dependability, effectiveness, and adherence to international standards.

WKB logo

WKB Systems GmbH (Germany): WKB Systems specializes in the development and production of innovative machinery for the AAC industry. They offer comprehensive solutions for AAC block production, including cutting-edge technology and automation systems. WKB Systems is known for its focus on research and development, resulting in advanced and efficient AAC block machines.

SKM logo

SKM GmbH (Germany): SKM is a leading manufacturer of machinery and plants for the production of concrete products, including AAC block machines. With over 60 years of experience, SKM provides a wide range of AAC production equipment known for its precision and high-quality output. They emphasize customer-oriented solutions and offer customization options to meet specific requirements.


CNBM (China): CNBM offers customized solutions for AAC block plants and AAC panel plants. As one of the top 500 companies, it has strong scientific and technological advantages. The EPC business of the AAC plant shares world-class manufacturing technology. Owning 4 scientific research institutes, the company provides comprehensive services including raw material analysis, plant design, research and development, manufacturing, construction instructions, production management, training, and marketing. We offer customers highly customizable products and solutions.

One-stop solution

Factory cost analysis and feasibility of investment

Product chemical formula advisory

Raw material and cost control

AAC block/panel plant layout and construction

AAC block/panel making machine selection and manufacturing

Management of production and logistics

On-site guidance on project construction

Staff training and trial operation

After-sale services

Strength of CNBM

Unique technology

The AAC production technology is unique and is the only manufacturing system in the industry worldwide named after Chinese enterprises. CNBM technology features high rate of excellent products and high efficient production process.

High-efficient AAC block machines

The AAC block machines are robust, stable, and energy efficient. The selection of the equipment in every step of production aims at high-quality finished AAC blocks. Cost-effective is also essential in the configuration.

Highly customizable solution

Each solution for the AAC plant is tailor-made to meet customers’ specific production needs. From the production capacity, the AAC plant layout, the choice of AAC block machines, etc.

Top design and engineering team

CNBM owns a research and designing team composed of national senior engineers from China. The expertise helps clients with AAC plant layout, choice of AAC block machines, cost analysis, and control, raw material advisory, etc.