How Much Does A Small AAC Block Plant Cost?

The AAC block plant is also called the AAC block factory. AAC stands for autoclaved aerated concrete. Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are more and more popular as a substitute building material for traditional clay bricks. The outstanding lightweight, insulation, and other features as well as eco-friendly property make it a hot product. Many investors are interested in setting up an AAC block plant. For new starters, a small AAC block plant is a good choice to make sure of a return on investment.


How much does a small block plant cost? To answer that question, we’d better first define the concept of “small”. So, what size for an AAC plant can be called a small AACc block plant? There is no fixed answer to the question. However, in most people’s understanding, it means the start level of capacity in the AAC block production business. Let’s have a glimpse of the scale of the common capacity of the AAC block plant.

The common capacity of AAC block plant

The AAC block plant is configured with a complete set of machinery to realize mass production of AAC blocks (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks). The capacity of an AAC block plant is the total cubic meter of the end products AAC blocks. At present, the annual capacity of an AAC plant generally ranges from 30,000 to 600,000 cubic meters which is about 100 m3 /day to 2000 m3/day.

Small AAC Block Plant Cost

As we just mentioned earlier, the capacity of the AAC block plant varies. The setup cost of the small AAC block plant and large AAC block plant is quite different. For those who want to make a profit from manufacturing and selling aerated concrete blocks, it is necessary to get an idea of the estimated investment. The new starters need to analyze cost and return.

At CNBM, we often receive inquiries from new clients wondering how much it will cost to set up a small AAC block plant or mini AAC block plant. Several factors affect the total cost such as the AAC block machines, the land cost, the civil engineering work, the local raw material price, the manpower, and the additional costs.


Generally speaking, if the annual capacity is below 50,000 m3, we consider it a small AAC block plant. Take the 30,000 m3/year AAC block plant for example, the production capacity per day of the 30,000 is about 80-100 cubic meters. The cost of setting up is about 1,000,000 wanyuan.

Please note this is just an estimated price. For a more accurate price

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A small AAC block plant is suitable for small factories with fewer production needs. The cost is lower and makes it easy to open a new business. Besides, the standard of the finished product is easy to control, and the product quality is stable.

Machinery cost of 30,000 m3 AAC block plant


To manufacture the AAC blocks, the production line needs to be equipped with a set of AAC block machines. The key equipment mainly includes the jaw crusher, the storage silos, the slurry tank, the pouring mixer, the cutting machine, the tilting table, the autoclaves, etc. The auxiliary equipment mainly includes the elevator, the trolley cart, the mold, the bottom plate, the broilers, the tilting crane, etc.

main aac making machines for an aac plant

Among all the equipment, the cutting machine and autoclave cost the most. So, when buying AAC block machinery, it is the essential part you need to pay attention to. Here is a table of the equipment in an AAC block plant with an annual capacity of 30,000 m3 and their price for reference.

EquipmentModelsPower (kW)QuantityUnit Price (wanyuan)Total (wanyuan)
Jaw crusher150×250       7.510.950.95
Ball millΦ900×30002215.85.8
Climbing elevator  7.511.21.2
Mixer 7.5×221.12.2
Slurry pump 18.5×221.32.6
Mobile pouring machine 7.514.84.8
Cutting machine 2912929
Hauling machine 5.510.90.9
Lifting device  20.71.4
Mold4500×1500×650 40.93.6
Bottom plate4380×1500 240.5513.2
Trolley3800×1400 120.455.4
Pillar  480.0060.288
AutoclaveΦ2000×27m 12222
Ferry cart5T10144
a list of aac plant equipment price and parameters

Tips for the layout of a small AAC block plant

The market demand for AAC blocks is promising, and the profit is considerable. Many investors want to upgrade the production capacity after the small AAC plant was built. It is advised to choose key equipment to adapt up to 200,000 m3 production. This is because the alternation of new equipment costs higher and is more complex. On the contrary, choosing a more adaptable pouring mixer and cutting machines will avoid future troublesome situations. When upgrading the project, only several auxiliary equipment need to be replaced. We all know that the price of the auxiliary equipment such as the mold, the curring cart, etc. is cheap.