What Is The Price Of AAC Bricks Machine?

AAC brick machine is a general name for a set of equipment used to produce autoclaved aerated concrete bricks. Aerated concrete bricks are produced by AAC brick machines through a series of processes. Raw materials such as cement, lime, sand, water, and a prepared foam agent are mixed and then go through pouring, pre-curing, cutting, autoclaving, etc several key processes to get finished bricks with thermal insulation, lightweight, high strength, and other characteristics.


With the improvement of the construction industry’s requirements for environmental protection, energy saving, and lightweight, aerated bricks have gradually become a popular product in the construction material market. The demand for aerated brick production equipment is also increasing. Some may have an interest in investing in this business and wonder what the price of an AAC brick machine is.

AAC brick machines and functions

Before we research the price of the AAC brick machines, you’d better get a brief idea of what specific equipment is needed in the AAC block plant and what is the function of each piece of equipment.

jaw crusher
ball mill
storage silo
slurry mixing tank for aac plant
slurry tank
AAC mixer
tilting machine
cutting machine
tilting table
packing machine

1. A jaw crusher is generally used to crush lime blocks, so that the particles are uniform, to ensure the fineness of lime powder.

2. A ball mill is mainly used to grind raw materials such as sand or fly ash and gypsum to prepare for the mixing slurry.

3. Dry bulk storage silos are necessary to store cement, fly ash, and lime powder. 

4. Slurry mixing tank is used to store the prepared slurry of sand or fly ash.

5. AAC mixer is mainly used to stir the slurry, cement, quicklime, gypsum, and aluminum powder paste suspension.

6. AAC block mold & side plate make a complete container to hold the poured slurry.

7. The tilting crane is used after the pre-curing process to de-mold the “green cake” in the mold.

8. The cutting machine cuts the pre-cured concrete blocks into required sizes and can remove surface waste.

9. The tilting table is used for removing the bottom waste material of the cake.

10. Autoclaves are used to make the half-finished block cake to a certain hardness by high temperature and high pressure.

11. Separator is used to separate the blocks or panels that stick to each other in the process of autoclaving.

12. Packing machine is responsible for the packing of finished blocks to guarantee storage and transportation.

The AAC bricks machine price


What is the price of an AAC brick machine? There is no fixed answer to this question since there are many factors that influence the price. According to the current market situation, the AAC bricks machine price range from 28 to 300 wan yuan RMB which is about 38,000 to 420,000 dollars. The flow of price mainly resulted from the different demands of the AAC block manufacturing plant. AAC brick machines with different production capacities cost differently. Different manufacturers offer different prices as well. Other factors also affect the price of AAC brick machines.

Factors that affect the aac bricks machine price


The brand of the AAC block machine manufacturer is an important price factor. Generally speaking, the more famous the company is, the higher the price is. Besides, the machines from the same brand may differ if the models and productivity are not the same.


The capacity of the AAC brick machines is another essential factor that affects the price. The equipment with larger capacities costs more than the ones that with smaller capacities. It is easy to understand because the higher the productivity, the higher the manufacturing cost.


The quality of equipment is no doubt the crucial consideration when choosing an AAC block machine. It also greatly affects the price of the machine. Some new starters may try to pick up AAC block machines with the lowest price. As an experienced supplier, we suggest you not only look at short-term investment. If you want to guarantee long-term stable operation and high-quality finished products, it is highly recommended to make a balance between the price and the quality rather than compromise the quality for only a low price.


The location of the supplied equipment also makes the price differences. For example, in China, manufacturers from different provinces offer AAC block machines at various prices. If look at the price worldwide, it is another picture. The differences may come from the market maturity and competition degree. 

Other factors also exist such as the auxiliary equipment needed in the AAC production line such as the mold, ferry cart, conveyor belt, etc. We only discussed several key factors here. It is comprehensive when discussing the price of an AAC brick machine. Before you make the purchasing decision, it is advised to do some comparison between different manufacturers and pay special attention to the quality of the machines. If you need more price information on the AAC brick machines, take action right now to contact CNBM.