Ukraine 300,000 CBM AAC Plant

CNBM has finished an AAC block plant in Ukraine with an annual capacity of 300,000 cubic meters. AAC plant with this kind of capacity is between a small and a large AAC production line.

According to the analysis of the world autoclaved aerated concrete market, Europe is one of the top five largest markets. Ukraine, as an important European consumer, has a high demand for autoclaved aerated concrete products such as aac blocks and aac panels. As a result, the needs of aac block manufacturing plants also rise. Our client in Ukraine has a strong belief that their business is going to boost and bring them high profits.

Ukraine’s client values the brand and the strength of CNBM. They said the exceptional AAC block equipment and processing technology will greatly improve productivity and end-product quality.

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titling crane in Ukrain 300000CBM aac plant
cutting machine in Ukrain aac plant
Ukrain 300000CBM aac plant overview
control systems in Ukrain 300000CBM aac plant