Mini AAC Block Plant


Mini AAC block plant for sale

End product: AAC Block( autoclaved aerated concrete panel)

Capacity: <100,000 cubic meters/year

Standard: Chinese, ASME, EU, and others  

Automation Grade: Semi-automatic, Automatic

Brick Material:     Fly Ash/Sand  

Brick Dimension:     customized 

Certificate:     ISO 9001

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Mini aac block plant cost

CNMB offers solutions for aac plants of small scale, medium scale, and large scale. A mini AAC block plant with an annual capacity of 30, 000 m3 to 100, 000 m3 requires about 2 to 4 autoclaves and an area of about 4000 m2-5000 m2. The cost of a mini AAC plant is relatively low and easily accepted by new starters in the manufacturing of aac blocks.

The price of a mini AAC block plant mainly depends on the automation degree. An automatic AAC plant costs more than a semi-automatic and manual AAC plant. Other factors, such as site selection, machines from manufacturers, the layout of the production line, etc., also affect the overall project budget.

Advantages Of CNBM Mini AAC block plant

AAC block is a new type of building material that has many advantages over red clay and other concrete bricks. AAC is the short term for autoclaved aerated concrete. The blocks are treated with high-temperature steam in autoclaves to get the required strength and density with bubbles. The fast development of urbanization requests for more bricks for buildings. AAC blocks have promising market prospects, especially for their eco-friendly property and their high adaption to extreme hot weather conditions. Simply sum up, AAC blocks are ultra light-weight, porous, thermal insulated, and fire resistant. It can be nailed, sawed, or planed and has a certain earthquake resistance.

CNBM has years of experience in offering customized AAC plant solutions. Compared to a larger scale of the aac block plant, the mini AAC block plant has prominent features below. CNBM will take the future development of the plant into consideration. When designing the plant, there is room for later upgrades.


Less investment

The highlighted advantage of a mini aac block plant is its cost-saving on each circuit of building up a plant. For example, the number of equipment needed is less, the area required for the factory is less, and the power supply and human resource is also less than larger scale plants.


Easy management

The automatic mini AAC plant is easy to operate, manage, and maintain. An automatic batching system is adopted to improve the efficiency and accuracy of material feeding. The correct ratio and thorough mixing of ingredients are essential to the quality of aac blocks.


Upgraded technology

The standard of the manufacturing process is the same as larger-scale aac plants. The world representative technology CNBM used is the only one named after a Chinese enterprise in the autoclaved aerated concrete industry.


Environmental friendly

In an AAC plant, the raw materials and the end product are eco-friendly. Since the production capacity is lower than medium and large AAC plants, the carbon foot of a mini AAC plant is smaller.

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The manufacturing of mini AAC block plant

The manufacturing process of a mini AAC block plant is no different from plants of larger scales. AAC blocks are produced with fly ash or sand, and cement, lime, gypsum, and aluminum powder as a gas former. The final products are formed after a series of material preparation, dosing, mixing, pouring, molding, rinsing,pre-curing, demolding, cutting, autoclaving, and out-of-autoclaves.

mini aac block plant manufacturing process

Raw Material Processing

Fly ash/sand, cement, lime block, and gypsum are ground by ball mills to become fine materials and stored in separate silos or containers.

Ground fly ash/sand and water are mixed to form the slurry prepared for further mixing. Aluminum powder is mixed with water to form a suspension.

Dosing and Mixing

The fly ash slurry is conveyed to the mixing drum by a pump. The cement and lime powder is fed to the mixing drum by screw conveyors. The amount and proportion of these ingredients are automatically finished by a centralized computer control batching system. This is the most important step in making outstanding AAC blocks. It lasts for 2 to 3 minutes for thorough mixing. In this process, certain temperatures are needed. The aluminum suspension will be added to the mixture right before pouring.

Moulding, Rinsing, and Pre-curing

Molds are put in place by trolleys and coated with oil in advance to avoid the sticky phenomenon. The mixed and stirred slurry will be poured into the molds by a pouring machine which can eliminate unnecessary bubbles. The molds are filled with “liquid” and will become “green cake” after pre-curing.

This step provides time for the reaction between the aluminum powder and lime and water. The chemical between these substances makes green cake hard. It generally lasts 1.5-2 hours with a temperature of 50-70 ℃. The time may be shorter or longer depending on local weather conditions.

Demoulding and Cutting

The green cake is released by a crane after a 90-degree tilt of the molds. Then it is transferred by trolleys to the cutting machines. It goes through both horizontal cutting and horizontal cutting. Extra block scarp will be collected and recycled for the raw material preparation part for the next production use.


Green cakes are stacked every two in one group with bottom plates by a turning-over machine and lifting crane. It goes into the autoclaves on rail transport. The autoclaved process is essential for the AAC blocks to get enough hardness and sufficient bubbles. It will take about 8-12 hours.

Packing and Loading

After the autoclaving, the final product goes out from the equipment and is lifted to the packaging area. The blocks are re-grouped and packed by packing machines and then loaded on trucks for delivery.

Things to do

Customized AAC block plant process design and layout design
AAC block machines manufacturing and supplying
Engineering construction, equipment installation, personnel training
Production line equipment adjustment and trial – production
AAC block plant turnkey solutions
AAC panel plant turnkey solutions


As well as planning, producing, constructing, and installing things, CNBM also offers integrated services including staff training and equipment modification. We take all necessary steps to guarantee that the AAC block factory meets the unique manufacturing requirements of our clients. High-end AAC blocks are produced using superior machinery and an advanced production technique, which will result in significant financial gains.

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