AAC Block Mold

AAC block mold together with a dismountable side plate forms a container for holding the poured slurry in the AAC block manufacturing plant. The slurry will be cured in the mold to form the “green cake”. The “green cake” will be removed from the mold for cutting and autoclaving to produce the finished product “aac blocks”.

In the manufacturing process of AAC blocks and AAC panels, mold is an important piece of equipment for finalizing the finished product. The mold produced by CNBM has the advantages of good rigidity, simple structure, and no leakage of slurry. Other related AAC block machines are all supplied to build a cost-effective AAC block plant.

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Composition of AAC block mold

The aerated concrete mold is composed of two main parts, the mold frame, and the mold bottom plate. The mold is divided into two forms: movable type and integral type. The double-layer hollow side plate plays the role of heat preservation. The inner plate is welded with an 8mm thick steel plate to increase its rigidity, prevent deformation and prolong the service life.

The specification of the mold is 4.2m/4.8 m/6 m. Other specifications can be customized as per request.

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Mold bottom plate

The four sides are welded with a square steel structure, and the upper layer is covered with an 8mm thick steel plate to strengthen the rigidity and prevent deformation and damage to the blank. The bottom plate is made of a special rectangular steel pipe, channel steel, and steel plate. The bottom plate is not only durable but also easily interchangeable.

Mold frame

The mold frame is divided into two types: movable type and integral type. To strengthen stiffness, avoid deformation, and extend service life, the inner plate is welded with a 10 mm thick steel plate. The double-layer hollow of the side plate serves as a heat-preservation mechanism.

Fixed mold frame

The upper opening is slightly smaller than the lower opening for easy demolding. The mold frame has good rigidity, easy to demold, no leakage of slurry, and has good interchangeability.

The working principle of the mold

The uniformly stirred raw materials are poured into the aerated concrete mold by the pouring mixer. The mixed slurry is contained in the mold and delivered to the curing room for pre-curing by a ferry cart. After pre-cured, the “green cake” is formed and can be cut by the cutting machine. Then it enters the autoclave for steam curing after being assembled with the steam curing trolley.

the slurry is poured into the mold
demolding process after pre-curing