AAC Mixer

An aac mixer, usually called the pouring mixer, is a key pouring device in the AAC block manufacturing plant. It is mainly used to stir the slurry, cement, quicklime, gypsum, and aluminum powder paste suspension. The materials are injected into the tank according to a certain ratio so that they can be evenly mixed and fully reacted, and the mixed slurry can be poured into the mold in time.

The pouring mixer for the aac block plant is composed of the mixing drum, electrical machinery, pouring arm, thermometer, blender, and pneumatic butterfly valve. CNBM offers aac mixer and other AAC block machines to customers for completing an effective production line for autoclave aerated concrete.

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Highlights of CNBM AAC Mixer

To improve the efficiency of the AAC production line, a more reasonable design has been made for the pouring machine.

The equipment implements fully automatic processing and PLC computer automatic control, which saves personnel in the batching system.

The new type of pouring mixer has changed the previous open type of mixing to a fully enclosed type, which greatly changes the air pollution caused during pouring and mixing.

The unique blanking buffer device effectively solves the problems of impact air holes and release oil flushing caused by traditional pouring methods.

The liftable pouring arm can adjust the height during the pouring process chicken can effectively prevent splashing.

The slurry can be stirred evenly with the strong force of propeller stirring.

Types of pouring mixer

According to different working forms, it is divided into mobile pouring mixer and fixed pouring mixer. It is mainly configured according to the output of the AAC production line. Generally, the production line below 100,000 cubic meters mainly adopts mobile pouring, which saves costs. Production lines with more than 100,000 cubic meters need to choose fixed pouring mixer to meet the production requirements.

Working principle of pouring mixer

The aerated concrete pouring mixer adopts propeller stirring, which forms a strong eddy current in the tank, destroys the coating of quicklime particles, and makes them fully and uniformly mixed. At the same time, the height of the liftable pouring arm can be adjusted with the pouring process to prevent splashing.

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The pouring stage is essential in the manufacturing process of AAC blocks. Only when the mixing is highly appropriate, the later processing such as curing, cutting, and autoclaving is guaranteed to get qualified finished aac blocks or aac panels. So, it is important to pay attention to the stirring force and time.

Operating procedures

1. Check whether the pouring mixer, electrical instruments, gas circuits, valves, etc. are normal. Drain the accumulated water from the compressed air bag.

2. When setting the core, do not close the mold before leaving the hand to prevent crushing. The poured castings should be stacked neatly and smoothly.

 3. If there is a core head, the core plate is damaged or the mold is not tightly closed, pouring is not allowed.

  4. No one should stand in front of the die-casting machine to avoid burns. In the event of serious fire escape, deflate immediately and cut off the power supply.

 5. The lifting work should abide by the safety operation rules of the hook workers. The wire rope should be inspected for damage before use.

 6. Funnels, rapid thermometers, thermocouple coatings, etc. must be dried before use.

7. After the completion of the work, all valves should be closed, the power supply of the equipment should be cut off, and the work site should be cleaned up.


Volume3.6-4.2 m³
Main shaft speed582 r/min
Running speed10-20 m/min
Motor capacity22-30 kw