AAC Separator

The aac block separator, or aac panel separator is used after the blocks are out of the autoclave in the aac block plant. It is needed because of the stickiness between the blocks generated from autoclaving. It can eliminate scrap and defective products resulting from viscosity. After the blocks are separated they can be transported to the packing machines for the package.

CNBM supplies all necessary equipment in the AAC manufacturing plant. Other aac block machines mainly include a jaw crusher, bulk storage silo, slurry storage tank, aac mixer, mold, ferry cart, cutting machine, curring car, packing machine, etc.

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Structure of the aAC block separator

The aac block separator machine is composed of a beam, a vertical beam, a breaking component, and a lifting trolley.

  1. The beam, vertical beam, breaking plate parts, and lifting trolley are made of section steel and steel plate splicing.
  2. The power is provided by the hydraulic station.
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Advantages of the AAC separator

To meet the needs of transportation and use, the blocks or panels that are stuck to each other after curing must be separated from each other. It is unrealistic to separate them manually, which increases the production cost and lowers the production efficiency. So it is necessary to use the separating machine of the aerated block production line.


The average error is small and the separating quality is assured since the separator can reliably and evenly clamp the blocks.

Each pair of clamps is set up with separate control in the hydraulic system. The implementation location of clamping on certain billet is optional.

The clamping force of the separator can be freely adjusted. Pressure is automatically stopped once reaches the set clamping force.

The separating speed, stroke, and braking force can be adjusted according to the working situation.

The lift of the block is realized by the hydraulic drive, the transmission device, and the beam. The transmission device is equipped with an imported encoder which can accurately control the location of the block lifting. The lifting speed and lifting force can be adjusted according to needs.

The separator has two modes of operation that are automatic and manual. There are coarse and fine filters in the hydraulic transmission oil inlet and return circuit. When the filter is partially blocked, it will automatically alarm and automatically make emergency treatment.

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