Cutting Machine

The AAC block cutting machine is a piece of key equipment in the AAC block plant. It is a must-have core equipment when the production capacity is more than 50,000 cubic meters. The quality of the AAC brick cutting machine has a great impact on the quality and productivity of finished AAC blocks. 

CNBM is an integrated company that provides comprehensive solutions for AAC block manufacturing plants. All kinds of aac block making machines are provided. The aac block cutting machine adopts advanced technology to reduce the damage to concrete blocks.

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Highlights of cNBM cutting machine

The AAC block cutting machine cuts the pre-cured concrete blocks into required sizes and can remove surface waste. The cutting machine produced by our company has a balanced and accurate working state. The cutting accuracy can reach ±1mm, and the maximum speed can cut a mold in 4 minutes. The cutting machine with a platform of 4.2m can guarantee an annual output of less than 300,000 cubic meters.


Advanced technology, compact structure, easy operation, and less maintenance.

The cutting of the green cake is integrated, and the horizontal and vertical cutting is completed at one time. The six-sided cutting process has high precision.

With advanced technology and stable performance, it can cut blocks and cut plate products.

The mechanical system is equipped with limit and interlock, which can prevent equipment accidents caused by improper operation and increase production safety.

The green cake cut by the cutting machine will not have adhesion and edge collapse.

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The working principle of the cutting machine

The aerated block green cake is removed from the mold by the tilting machine after turning 90 degrees. The side plate becomes the bottom plate which holds the green cake on it. The cutting car transfers the cake to the cutting area.

First, cut the green cake into four sides with the horizontal cutting machine. The waste material is removed at this step.

Then cut lengthwise with the vertical cutting machine. The cross-cut steel wire swings back and forth like a gear under the action of the eccentric wheel, which ensures the molding rate of the brick.

After cutting, the green cake is lifted to the tilting table. The green cake is turned 90 degrees in the opposite direction to the turning table. Then the cut cake is ready to be grouped for later autoclaving. The whole process is done automatically.

horizontal cutting machine
vertical cutting machine