Dry Bulk Storage Silos

Dry bulk storage silos are a general name for different kinds of storage silos for bulk materials. Common dry bulk storage silos include cement silos, fly ash silos, lime storage silos, etc. The cement storage silo is suitable for bulk cement and other bulk materials in industrial construction, urban construction, road and bridge water conservancy, and component factories. It can also be used as batching equipment for bulk cement storage in mixing stations. It can replace civil engineering material tanks with its advantages such as being waterproof, and moisture-proof. It can also prevent cement loss and environmental pollution.

In an AAC manufacturing plant, dry bulk storage silos are necessary to store cement, fly ash, and lime powder. The number of silos needed depends on the capacity of the AAC block plant.

cement storage silo dry bulk storage silo
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Highlights of CNBM dry bulk storage silos

Customization services

Various specifications can meet customers’ specific needs. CNBM offers standard dry bulk storage silos of 50T, 60T, 100T, and 150T, and non-standard silos from 200T to 500T that can be customized.

Strong structure

The structure of the warehouse is made of steel plate and grooved hoop, and the legs of the bottom frame are made of welded tubes.

Safe performance

The cement storage silo and lime storage silo can protect dry materials from rain and moisture.

Special device

The dust collector is installed on the top of the storage silo. The lower part of the storage silo is equipped with an arch-breaking device to prevent the powder from agglomerating and make the powder discharge smoothly.

Easy loading and unloading

The loading and unloading of storage silos are easy.

Material monitoring and weighing

The storage silo is equipped with a material monitoring and weighing system. The level of material is managed and the process of production is smooth without interruption.

How does the bulk storage silo work?

Take a cement storage silo, for example, the working process is as follows:

  1. After the storage silo is fixed, the cement is transported to the construction site by a bulk cement truck. Then, the delivery pipeline of the bulk cement truck is connected with the feed pipeline of the cement silo, and the gas pressure of the bulk cement truck pumps the cement into the silo.
  2. During the process of transporting cement to the storage silo, the operator must continuously press the button of the vibration motor of the dust collector to shake off the cement attached to the bag of the dust collector to prevent the bag from being blocked and the warehouse from bursting.
  3. The full or empty storage silo can be observed through the level indicator.
  4. When the cement needs to be discharged, open the manual unloading valve at the bottom of the cone. Then the cement is conveyed out through the cement conveying device. In the process of discharging, if there is an “arching” phenomenon, press the button of the electromagnetic valve of the arch-breaking device in time to blow air. It will eliminate the “arching” and feed the material, to ensure a smooth supply of cement.


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