Ferry Cart

In the AAC block manufacturing plant, a ferry cart is a necessary piece of equipment. It is an integral part of the AAC block manufacturing process such as the pouring, pre-curing, cutting, autoclaving, and out of autoclaves. With the help of the ferry cart, the empty mold is transferred and placed below the pouring mixer. After pouring, the mold containing “green cake” are moved to the curing room by ferry cart. It is then transferred to the cutting machine. After cutting, it holds the half-finished blocks which are ordered in groups for autoclaving. Finally, it carries the AAC blocks out of autoclaves for packing.


CNBM can offer ferry carts for the AAC block plant and AAC panel plant. The ferry cart has the advantages of a simple structure, stable operation, and precise position. The product option is wide, such as automatic type ferry cart and manual type ferry cart.

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Highlights of ferry cart by cNBM

In the production process of autoclaved aerated concrete, the ferry cart is mainly used to ferry the steam curing car to complete the entry and exit of the curing. The cart can accurately stop, locate and connect after moving quickly laterally. When the cart is running with load, it can run at a variable frequency and slow speed. When the cart is empty, it can return with variable frequency and fast speed. The ferry cart is also equipped with a longitudinal power device, which can push 20 steaming trolleys full of 3 tons of products.

ferry cart in aac plant

The operation is stable and reliable.

The positioning of each part is accurate.

Reasonable structure, strong and not deformed.

Easy to maintain.

Structure & Type of ferry cart in AAC Plant

The ferry cart is composed of a steel frame, traveling device, traction device, and positioning device. It is designed to carry a significant load while ensuring the safety and stability of the AAC blocks during transportation.

All types of ferry carts are supplied. Windlass-type ferry cart, draught-type ferry cart, friction wheel-type ferry cart, ferry cart with small trolley.

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Working principle Of Ferry Cart

The fully automatic positioning ferry cart has a mother car and a sub-car. The mother car can move horizontally, and longitudinally on the special track with the equipped pushing device. The following working process is how the out of autoclaves ferry cart works.

ferry cart in the production line of aac panels and blocks

When the mother car moves to the track of the autoclaves (that is, the original position of the mother car), the sub-car pulls the fully loaded steam-cured car onto the ferry car, and then automatically locates the mother car of the ferry car to move. When the whole ferry cart reaches the autoclave track, it will automatically connect to the rail, the sub-car pushes the steam-curing car to the track in the autoclave, then the rail-connecting device is put away, the mother car returns to its original position, and waits for the next ferry.