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AAC block packing is the last step of AAC block manufacturing after the blocks are out of autoclaves. The AAC block packing system is composed of a series of equipment such as the hoist machine, the stacking machine, and the chain conveyors. The packing machine is the key equipment responsible for finishing the packing. Film wrapping type and strapping type packing machines are two common types used in the AAC block packing system.

CNBM can provide an automatic packing system that can sort blocks of different specifications in the finished product and stack them separately with different specifications. CNBM is a professional supplier of AAC block making machines in China. Every single piece of equipment for the AAC block plant can be supplied.

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Product Overview

Rotary arm stretch wrapping machine

The rotary arm stretch wrapping machine rotates around the AAC blocks through the rotating arm and then realizes the wrapping and packaging of the blocks. This kind of wrapping packaging machine is mainly suitable for wrapping products that are lighter, taller, and unstable after palletizing or heavy goods.

In the aac block packing system, the blocks on the pallet are packed by the wrapping machine by taking advantage of the stretchability and automatic stickiness of stretched film. It can fix the stacked blocks so that the blocks will not be unpacked and folded. It can also play a role in being dust-proof, moisture-proof, and damage-proof.

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Advantages of the rotary arm wrapping machine

The aac block packing machine is safe and reliable. Its design is simple, and the maintenance is convenient. It has strong adaptability and low energy consumption. In addition, it can improve the packing efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

Unmanned operation

The packing machine is automatically operated through the whole process: feeding, film coating, winding, film cutting, film sticking, discharging, storage, etc.

PLC control

PLC automatic control is adopted, the performance is reliable, and the winding mode and times can be changed according to the needs.

Automatic warning

Automatic warning, automatic failure alarm, etc. Easy to operate and durable.

Scientific design

Vigorous and solid body design, reasonable and ingenious mechatronics combination.

packed aac blocks

Specification of the AAC block packing machine

Packing machine typeRotary arm
Wrapping specifications:1200*1400*1600mm (MAX)
Production capacity:20-45 tor/hour
Cantilever speed:0-20rpm
Rotation inner diameter:2000mm
Rotary outer diameter:3000mm
Power:2.3 kW
Voltage:AC 380V three-phase five-wire
Machine weight:1100kg
Air pressure:0.5-0.7Mpa
Packaging material:LLDPE stretch film
Film roll core:76.2mm  
Film roll outer diameter:240mm

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