Slurry Mixing Tank

A slurry mixing tank is an important piece of equipment in the AAC block manufacturing plant. It is used to store the prepared slurry of sand or fly ash. The slurry mixing tank is composed of a motor, gearbox, storage tank, coupling, stirring blade, stirring shaft, discharge device, manual valve, pneumatic valve, and other parts. The slurry tank agitator is continuously stirred at a low speed, which can keep the slurry from sedimentation.

The slurry storage tank has various volume specifications such as 5 cubic meters, 10 cubic meters, 20 cubic meters, 30 cubic meters, 50 cubic meters, and 100 cubic meters. Other specifications can be customized according to the production scale of users.

slurry mixing tank for aac plant
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Highlights of CNBM slurry mixing tank

The slurry storage tanks have an effective volume of CNBM 200 cubic meters, a diameter of 8 meters, and a motor power of 18KW. The slurry tanks adopt the planetary drive stirring method,  which can stir evenly. It can reduce maintenance difficulty, reduce energy consumption costs, and greatly reduce installed capacity. What’s more, it can directly reduce the electric energy by more than 40%, reduce the failure rate by about 5%, and at the same time solve the problem of material accumulation around the tank.

slurry mixing tank in aac plant

The slurry mixing tank made by CNBM is sturdy and the service life is long. The slurry mixing tank is a critical component in the manufacturing of autoclaved aerated concrete, as it enables the proper blending of raw materials to create a consistent slurry. This homogeneous slurry forms the foundation for high-quality AAC products known for their lightweight, insulating, and load-bearing properties.

CNBM has been focusing on manufacturing and supplying machines for AAC production lines. Other related machines mainly include jaw crushers, ball mills, dry bulk storage silos, pouring mixers, tilting cranes, mold, tilting tables, cutting machines, autoclaves, packing machines, etc.

Details of slurry mixing tank

The tank is made of sturdy materials, such as steel or reinforced concrete, to withstand the corrosive nature of the slurry and the mechanical stresses involved in the mixing process. It is equipped with various components to ensure effective mixing and consistent slurry quality.

Agitators or mixers are the primary components inside the slurry mixing tank. They are responsible for stirring the ingredients together and promoting uniform distribution throughout the slurry. The agitators can be of different types, including paddle, turbine, or propeller mixers, depending on the specific design of the tank and the desired mixing efficiency.

The slurry mixing tank is connected to other components of the AAC production line, such as slurry storage tanks, pumps, and pipelines, allowing for the transfer of the prepared slurry to the casting molds. The integrated design ensures a continuous and efficient production process.