Steam Curing Car

The steam curing car is a piece of equipment used in the AAC manufacturing plant. It is a type of cart that can hold the half-finished “green cake” and the side plate and transport them into and out of the autoclaves. It can adapt to the high temperature and high-pressure steam curing environment in autoclaves. What’s more, it will not stuck or deform.

CNBM can provide curing cars with different specifications according to different sizes of autoclaves. Tell us the production needs of the AAC blocks, and our engineer will make sure of the parameters of autoclaves and steam curing cars. You can also get a complete solution of AAC block machines to create highly effective AAC production lines.

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Highlights of cNBM steam curing car

steam curing car for aac plant

The size of the curing car has been optimized and improved which reduces the number of cars. It also simplifies the procedure of trolley marshalling, reduces the cost, and reduces the workload of the ferry car.

It is welded by 12# channel steel and is flat and light in operation with a mold side plate and mold frame.

The steam curing car is more stable when driving under load which ensures the quality of the aerated concrete body.

The wheel assembly can ensure that the bearing is still sensitive to rolling and reliable in operation after being steamed at high temperatures and high pressure in the autoclave.

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The Structure of the steam curing car

The steam curing car is mainly composed of the following parts:

durable steam curing car

Frame: It is mainly composed of section steel with good rigidity and simple structure. The bottom plate guide device is installed on the upper part so that the bottom plate can be placed quickly and conveniently.

Wheel components: mainly composed of wheels, shafts, bearings, etc. The surface of the wheels is quenched, and durable, and the internal structure is specially designed to ensure that the bearings are still rolling sensitive, and reliable after being steamed at high temperatures and high pressure in an autoclave.

The working principle of the steam curing car

The steam curing cars are arranged in sequence on the rails of the autoclave, and the semi-finished products are loaded by the hoist and the cut cakes are placed flat on the trolley. Then the “cakes” are grouped by the hoist into the autoclaves and pulled into the autoclave for steaming. When the hard cake is out, the curing cars are pulled to the finished product yard. The finished product is unloaded, and the trolley returns to the autoclave entry track for the next round of work.