Tilting Table

The tilting table or overturning table is an important machine in the AAC block plant mainly used for removing the bottom waste material of the cake. It turns the cut cake by 90° from the side plate and places it on the special bottom plate for steaming. It removes the upper and lower layers of waste attached to the surface of the cake after cutting and allows the block to be steamed in an upright state. It can completely avoid the adhesion between the upper and lower layers after the blocks are horizontally steamed, and minimize the damage that occurs when the adhered blocks are separated.

The tilting table produced by CNBM has frequency conversion speed regulation, which can fully meet the production needs of high-speed cutting machines. Other AAC block machines are offered as well.

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Highlights of cNBM tilting table

The tilting table is all driven by hydraulic pressure. The overturning cylinder also has end-point cushioning performance. To ensure the stability of the bottom plate and the side plate during the overturning process, locking mechanisms are provided on the sides when they are in the overturned position.

hydraulic pressure driven titlting table

In the traditional production line, manually removing the bottom edge waste can easily cause damage to the green cake. The use of a tilting table lowers the rate of damage to the green cake.

It is cost-effective and can improve production efficiency.

The large and small carts move smoothly, without shaking and jamming, and the green cake is stable.

It has features of an optical axis guide and gear synchronization.

It has a mechanical limit and a photoelectric limit.

The oil cylinder of the tilting table is located on the ground, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning.

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The Structure of the tilting table

The overturning table mainly consists of an inverting frame, a body trolley, a side plate trolley, a moving device, a pressure bar, a roller, an overturning seat, and support.

aac plant titling table structure

The working principle of the cutting machine

There will be some waste on the bottom of the cutting cake. The half-finished cake and the side plate of the mold are hoisted by the tilting crane to the small trolley of the tilting table. The electromagnetic sucker is activated, the turning hydraulic system is activated, and the green cake and the side plate of the mold are turned 90°.

After the turning table turns the green cake 90° on the turning frame, the waste material on the bottom of the green cake changes from a horizontal position to a vertical position, and falls off automatically under the action of gravity, and the waste on the green body surface is removed.

The turn-over hydraulic system starts and the machine turns back to the original position. The semi-finished product crane lifts the green cake together with the side plate to the steaming trolley in front of the autoclaves.