AAC plant solutions

AAC Block Plant

Customized cost-effective AAC plant solutions using unique world’s leading technology meet various international standards.

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AAC Panel Plant

Highly efficient AAC panel plant adopts industrial cutting-edge technology. Tailor-made manufacturing process and plant design.

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Experienced manufacturer & developer

CNBM has always been an Iconic enterprise in novel material development in China that has gained more and more recognition in the world as well. With powerful scientific and research support, CNBM provides the best suits AAC(Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) solutions that aim at maximizing productivity, improving quality, and decreasing cost.

One-stop solution

Customized EPC service

Talent consulting & engineering

Eco-friendly solution

One-stop solution

Over 20 years of dedication to AAC plant manufacturing enables CNBM a one-stop solutions provider. We have made progress in every step of building an AAC block plant or an AAC panel plant based on years of experience and customer case operation. Improvements take place in the raw material formula, piece of machine selection, plant design, plant setup, plant operation, and management. The advanced PLC control system makes the whole manufacturing process mechanized and automatic which greatly improves production efficiency.  

Customized EPC service

CNBM offers solutions with unique technology and high-efficient equipment. Another significant feature is the highly customizable services can meet the specific requirements of clients all over the world. Tailor-made solutions are a result of a well understanding of the autoclaved aerated concrete market, local demand analysis, and local product standards and specifications. We are committed to helping clients win the competition in the local market with the best quality end products.

Technical support

Top senior engineers from China offer scientific advisory for plant design and construction plans. Based on the deep communication with clients, we know how much it means to them that optimal product quality, stable operating performance, high productivity, and low cost.

Unique process technology

The only process technology named after a Chinese enterprise in the world is owned by CNBM. We are proud to say it can surpass Germany and Sweden’s technology in aspects such as a high rate of excellent products and high efficient production process.

Block formula advisory

The advisory for the chemical composition of the block is depending on the local market demand and the client’s special needs. We care as much as the client about the quality and potential consumers of the end product.

Pre-sale & on-sale service

The sales team has rich experience in understanding the core needs of clients. On-time professional advice is offered based on specific inquiries. Further plant layout design and the total cost will help clients make the final decision.

After-sale care

After the official operation, CNBM will still catch an eye on the performance of the equipment and the whole production. We are honored to have hands-on increasing the ability of production system operation and ensuring the investment get repays.

Eco-friendly solution

AAC block plant manufacturing is environmentally friendly. Waste material from the traditional power plant can be recycled to use in the AAC block or panel manufacturing. It makes waste into reusable materials which not only reduces pollution but also easy and cheap access for manufacturers of AAC blocks or panels.

AAC plant phases

Phase 1

Clients completed project approval and site selection.

Phase 2

We finished the process design and construction drawing design. ( In 2 months )

Phase 3

We completed the production of the equipment and have the conditions for partial shipment. ( In 4 months )

Phase 4

Complete domestic transportation, customs declaration, and sea transportation to ports. ( In

Phase 5

Complete the project construction, equipment installation, and personnel training. ( In 5 months )

Phase 6

Complete the whole line equipment adjustment and trial production. ( In 2 months )