AAC Panel Plant


AAC Panel Plant For Sale

End product: AAC Panel( autoclaved aerated concrete panel)

Capacity: 40,000-500,000 cubic meters/year

Standard: Chinese, ASME, EU, and others  

Automation Grade: Automatic  

Brick Material:     Fly Ash/Sand  

Dimension:     customized

Certificate:     ISO 9001

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Mini ALC plant

Capacity: <100,000 m³/year

Investment:  Low budget

Autoclaves: 3-4

Factory area: 4000 -5000 m2

Medium ALC plant

Capacity: 100,000-300,000m³/year

Investment:  Medium budget

Autoclaves:  4-12

Factory area: 5000 -10000 m2

Large ALC plant

Capacity: >300,000 m³/year

Investment:   Large budget

Autoclaves: 12+

Factory area: >10000 m2

CNBM AAC Panel plant advantages

20+years experience

Unique technology

customized design

CNBM has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and supplying of AAC panel plants and aac block plants. We have our patented technology, which is the only one named after a Chinese company. The talented design and engineering team offer tailor-made solutions according to the site condition and production needs. High efficient machines are chosen to complete the cost-effective production line.

Scientific plant design. Each process of manufacturing has an individual route without any disturbance.

High efficiency. The PLC system is adopted and the production is fully automatic.

Advanced Machine. The best cutting machine and peeling-off machine make AAC panels of precise dimensions.

Cost saving. The high-quality machine, the smooth production line, and the high automation degree all contribute to labor-saving, time-saving, and energy-saving.

AAC Panel Manufacturing Machines

CNBM provides all of the machines needed for the AAC panel production lines. The main equipment is a jaw crusher, wet or dry ball mill, storage silo, steel mesh-making machine, steel mesh inserting machine, pouring mixer, mold, ferry cart, crane hoist, cutting machine, overturning machine, rails and plates, autoclave, and packing machine. 

AAC panel manufacturing machines and workshop

AAC Panel manufacturing process

AAC panel is a new type of green building wall innovation material that is porous and lightweight. It is made from raw materials such as sand, lime, cement, and foaming agent. The manufacturing process includes raw material preparation, grid mesh production, pouring, mesh inserting, pre-curing, cutting, autoclaving, packing, and loading.  

Steel mesh making

Grid steel mesh is manufactured with antiseptic treatment.

Raw material preparation

Raw materials are ground separately and mixed with water to form a slurry which is ready to be poured into a mold for curing.

Pouring & mesh inserting

The slurry is poured into the mold through the pouring device and is further stirred to make the bubble even. The steel mesh is inserted into the mold at this stage.


The prepared mold is delivered to the curing room for high-temperature heating to make it foam and form.


The tilting crane hoist lifts the mold and turns it over at 90 degrees to loosen the “green cake” onto the side plate.


The cutting machine receives the “green cake” of autoclaved aerated concrete and cut it into the preset specifications. The leftover debris on the surface of the “cut cake” will be removed by the overturning table and recycled to be used as the next round material.


The half-finished “panel cake” will be grouped and sent into autoclaves to get higher strength by high-pressure heatings.

Packing & loading

After the panels are out of autoclaves, they will be separated by separating machines and then packed by automatic packing machines. Then, the forklift truck transfer the finished aac panel to the storage yard.

Things to do

Customized AAC panel plant process design and layout design
AAC panel machines manufacturing and supplying
Engineering construction, equipment installation, personnel training
Production line equipment adjustment and trial – production
ALC plant turnkey solutions
AAC plant turnkey solutions


One-stop solutions are offered including designing, manufacturing, construction, and installation, as well as personnel training and equipment adjustment. All alc plants are designed to meet the specific production demands of customers. With the alc production line by CNBM, customers can get high-end AAC panels and cover the cost quickly to make more profit from the autoclaved aerated concrete product manufacturing.

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Application of AAC panel

AAC panel or ALC panel (Autoclaved Lightweight Aerated Concrete panel) uses two-way welded steel mesh as reinforcement. It is more suitable for the frame structure of the non-load-bearing internal and external walls in industrial, civil residential, hotel, office buildings, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and other frame buildings.

The panel is good waterproof and moisture-proof. It can be applied to the kitchen, toilet, basement, and other wet areas. That’s one of the functions of the aac/alc panel.

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Advantages of AAC Panel


The thermal conductivity of the aac panel is 0.11. It provides 6 times more insulation than glass, 3 times more insulation than clay, and 10 times more insulation than ordinary concrete.

Light and high strength

AAC panel weighs 1/4 of ordinary concrete and 1/3 of clay brick. It is lighter than water, and as light as wood.

Fire resistance

It will not burn or produce harmful gases at high temperatures due to the autoclaved aerated concrete is inorganic. At the same time, the low thermal conductivity makes heat transfer slow which can effectively resist fire and protect its structure from fire.


It is easy to be processed such as being sawn, to be drilled, to be ground, and nailed.

Sound absorption and sound insulation

Noise can be reduced by 30-50 dB depending on the thickness of the panel.

Bearing capacity

The bearing capacity comprises wind load, snow load, and dynamic load.

Good durability

The alc panel is no aging problem and is not easy to weather.

Environmental friendly material

There is no radioactivity and no harmful substances overflow.